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I help early-stage technology startups design their categories and get traction with their biggest fans
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GTM strategy
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Idea stage
Increased activation rate through customer discovery to inform smarter prioritization and designs
seed funded
Startup stage
Increased retention rate through customer-facing content and engagement tactics
raising series a/b
Growth stage
Increased acquisition rate through buyer journey mapping and top-of-funnel demand generation
Approach to distribution
From the bottom up
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There’s no one size fits all playbook for going to market, but there are fundamentals.
You need to know how your product fits into your ideal customer’s day, what messages compel them to move down the funnel, and what marketing channels and engagement strategies yield the best return on investment.
My approach is to cultivate these insights by 1) helping your team get to know your customer better through interviews, surveys, and/or research, 2) strategically developing your positioning and mapping key messages to your buyer journey, and/or 3) creating marketing and sales assets that optimize each segment of your funnel from awareness to sales.
Then we will build the funnel from the bottom up -- to get the best return from the top, the middle and bottom of the funnel need to be strong and effective.
I can be hired on a retainer- or project-basis, as both a player and a coach. We will start with a two to four week strategy sprint to get aligned on the priorities and desired outcomes followed by a three- to six-month engagement to get your startup to the next milestone.
"Adam has a great ability to translate complex products into clear and actionable brand positioning and strategy. He's a valued partner to one of our most sophisticated customers and brings an agile and iterative mindset to everything he does."
Tom Zampini
CEO, Goodwork
"Adam is a tireless entrepreneur with a strong balance of creativity, analysis and grit - he can add velocity and traction to any innovation-oriented team."
Michael Taus
4x Founder, CMO
"I could immediately see that Adam was comfortable and capable of talking through the things that keep me up at night. I recommend Adam to many founders knowing that he can be that fractional cofounder who fills the right gap at the right time."
Niles Lichtenstein
CEO, Nestment
"We're building an AI-powered B2B platform for go-to-market teams and it was clear from the start that Adam is a GTM expert -- both selling to GTM personas and building tools for them. I would absolutely recommend his services to other early-stage founders."
Saad Bin Shafiq
CEO, Ai Synapse
"As the engineering lead to Adam's product lead, I can confidently say it was a breath of fresh air to have such an organized and intellectually agile partner. I could always count on him to bring stabilizing principles to the table."
Dave Paola
Founder, Sierra Rails
"Adam is not a typical consultant, he is a real CEO's partner. The report he produced was surprising and comprehensive, connecting dots between customers, product, and growth strategies that unlocked a whole new level of focus for us."
Ihsan Salleh
CEO, Scenario
"Working with Adam has been a great experience. He brings new and different dimensions to our conversations, and he is not afraid to get his hands dirty to help us build better and smarter. Adam has become a trusted advisor and my go-to contrarian."
Rafael Goldberg
CEO, Solydaria
"I worked with Adam to build out our customer discovery strategy and it was clear from the start that he's an expert in surfacing trustable insights from the market and customers. I'll definitely be circling back to Adam in the future."
Tony Pierotti
Growth, Embra
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